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abudabism's Journal

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All praise the mighty Abudabit
Temple of the Holy World of Liquid Vestilutanty
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Join now the holiest religion out there! 15% more holy than the Church of the Subgenious. 40% more holy than Christianity! 65% more holy than Scientology. 87% more holy than Islam!

Do logs with praying mantis arms and two heads infest your thoughts? Be honest with yourself, the only thing keeping you from catasrophic psychological and moral meltdown is in fact, Abudabit. In fact, its been Abudabit the whole time. Why does ice cream taste good? Abudabit. Why is the sky blue? Abudabit. Why does the nature of the federal interest rate work the way it does? Abudabit. Be honest, lets not pretend its God, or 'Allah' or 'the Godesses' or whatever, its been Abudabit the whole time.

Your religion is stupid. Ours is better. Accept it. You'll sleep better.

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